To Meta Description or Not

Matt Cutts recently released statement on how to decide whether to put a meta description tag on all pages or not. Click here for the article.

I have been in the industry for a while now, and needless to say that our meta description is quite the 2 seconder that we need to sell our pages. Whenever you come up in the results, it’s that little space that Google gives you to promote whatever you want to in the page that was indexed and shown in the SERP (search engine ranking page)


So for me it really depends. An initial assessment of a specific business website knowing all of its pages can lead to knowing if creating a meta description for all the pages be necessary.

A key process is to identify the potential of the pages that your website has and will have. As you valuate each page, you would then be able to classify the page’s part in your business model.

It is but normal to be in the situation where you will need to audit a full functional website already and at some cases implement the optimization for each page to target their keywords. There is no 1 page that can target all the keywords that a website wants or potentially can. So in the process, you will need to do some keyword matching understanding the nature of your pages and the keywords that it can target.

After matching each page with the keywords you want it to target, you should then run through all the pages again with the question of “Would this page qualify as an effective landing page?”. Whenever the answer is YES – then you should start creating a unique meta description for that page.

Another method would be working backwards. Look at your Analytics and see which are your most effective landing pages or in other words your entrance pages. How are people coming to see your website and where do they land the most. These are your most effective landing pages which you will need now to make sure that it is optimized well for your business model. These pages surely need unique meta description.

In conclusion, if you are to Meta – Meta it correctly or NOT Meta at all! 🙂