Jobs the Movie


Not sure how to start this post but this is supposed to be my review or reaction to the recent Jobs (or Steve Jobs) movie starring Ashton or I might say Chris Kutcher.

I am coming from a real fan’s stand point where #stevejobsismyhero and have probably watched Pirates of Silicon Valley, as well as read his book (biography).

After watching the movie my initial reaction was, is that it? What about NEXT, what about his new wife, what about how he came up with the iPhone? Is there a sequel?

This really isn’t intended to put too much heat on the most recent movie but just a reaction, a blog. At any rate, I did expect more from the movie, more from Ashton as well. There were moments that are brilliant, some others just plain “That 70’s Show” feel.

I would give the movie a 6/10 rating just because it is a Steve Jobs film. His ways in getting to his dream, and not stopping in pursuing what he deems is his is very brilliant in itself.