The importance of Value Proposition

Make yourself feel valued

Generally speaking we live in a world where people prefer to take / get things for FREE. Yes, ever since the internet came out it is all about getting free stuff from people / companies here and about.

Imagine how does a typical mindset changes from getting Free to becoming a paid customer?

The quick answer here is VALUE PROPOSITION. But what does this mean and how does it apply to me and you.

As a company we want to reach through our target markets in different stages.

The awareness stage

When we are starting up (which does not end if you ask me), then the all famous build-up stage where we continuously build our brand from within, and then specific campaign stages where we target more specific markets with conversion in mind through different marketing campaigns.

VALUE can be distributed in all these stages but we do not want our VALUE to be taken for granted.

Once we have established ourselves really well, we can do 1 of 2 things then, continue what the Free stuff going around or halt it altogether.

Continuing with something Free helps you continue to reach people you want to reach and establish a connection.

Once these people get something really valuable, they will surely remember you.

Gaining Consumer Trust

Questions begets answers and it is a very effective strategy to understand what your target market usually is asking and if you can provide that answer then a virtual conversation begins to be simulated.

Think of it as if you are creating an FAQ section in your website / business / company, make it more broad than specific, and then follow through with thought leadership so to be able to funnel in you readers.

Being able to receive something valuable and not having to overdo it is what differentiates from quality marketing with conversions and over-marketing.

Whenever I get something for Free for example, and then a day later I get an email advert, it would seem to me that this is the payment I give for the Free stuff I got.

Hence Market Segmentation comes to play here after which is a whole different topic altogether.


After a good valuation, it would always be a good idea to implement a plan even before starting to give away Free stuff. It’s common for Agency people to ask – “what’s the next step?”

And this my friend is something to ask yourself when you plan something with your target markets – “What is the next step for them?”

It could be a quick turn around with your offers or something more elaborate. I would say different markets reacts to different funneling techniques hence understanding your target market is the first step.

“All you want is to get leads” and this is what most companies do. Getting the necessary information to understand which product or solution would suit the lead best.

From Hubspot – they always have the question: “what is your biggest marketing challenge”, if you answer this and they qualify you, what you then get is a phone call that would offer their services for your challenge. Sometimes you even get Free Consultation from companies that believe in what they offer.

Laying down a path to your goal or objective is very important in planning your marketing campaigns.

Closing the deal

Direct Selling

This is the most straight forward approach to converting your readers / visitors / leads to sales. Sell to them directly.

So most of your leads came in and downloaded your eBook on the importance of quality Sleep. They would probably be interested in a unique pillow that helps them sleep better, or maybe a new gadget to monitor their sleep patterns.

The case of the FREE Trial

Most software subscription models of today has this model in play. You have put in so much effort to your product that you are quite confident that if they TRY, then they will PAY eventually. 7-day, 10 days or sometimes a whole month with money guarantees.

You understand exactly the value you give out and is confident that it will surely solve a problem for your consumers.

Free Consultation with Service Offer

Normally for huge service oriented business models, closing in it with a Free 1-2 hours consultation will surely sweeten the deal and ensure that your customers are taken care of. I remember a time when I was tasked to choose a PR / Wire Service software and a company with premium pricing had 2 hours of copy writing dedicated to us, I went with that getting insured that by getting their service our company would benefit from their expert copy writing services plus the copy writing we did on our own.

Value added if we might say.

In Conclusion

As people would prefer to get things for Free, the more serious ones would prefer to Pay something more of with the Value they are getting. It is important that we look at our own business models and target the right markets and plan how to be able to engage them properly so we are able to get the conversions we target.