Google vs The Organic

It’s just interesting for me to review how Google is one by one trying to cut down the different and legitimate ways to organic search marketing. As if creating an algorithm in the first place was a mistake and now, they are trying to defunct it’s factors one by one with little or less than usual targeting which makes them very unpredictable, reasonable as they can say.

But the fact is, everyone knows that they are trying to kill something that they created in the first place – SEARCH. Ever since search has been quantifiable to money, it created an industry which was good at the time but now has blown into proportions that they cannot control.

These are my own observations and theories and for which dictates the directionality on how we need to move forward. Google is a giant, it can dictate and us small pieces of the puzzle would simply follow.

Google disguises these little steps in the form of the so called Panda, or Penguin.. But these steps pushes businesses farther and farther down the road to which at a certain point would be pointless to even consider.

To someone who has not started in the industry may not understand the things I am pertaining to which is alright since at any point in time, these are just conspiracy theories that the Ronin has.

I am The Ronin, and I have no master! I am learned in the arts of online marketing and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, and this is my first post! Watch out for new and more informative, non-sense, inspirational, and some fictional that we will be publishing.

Always remember, life is not a destination, it’s a journey!