Getting Rid of WordPress SPAM Comments

One of the most common things that well crawled WordPress sites have are tons and tons of SPAM comments to a point that you won’t be able to identify which ones are legitimate and which ones aren’t or it’s too troublesome to identify the legit ones over the hundreds of spams.

I know there have been a lot of articles already written about it but here’s my take on it.

Ask yourself if you can manage the comments?

Comments are for engagement, discussions, and relative opinions, how much time do you have to handle the comments. If you can moderate your comments daily then you’ll be fine.

Otherwise you might probably consider known methods in fighting wordpress spam.



Definitely something that is available since the beginning of time. And by default comes with every WordPress installation. The only cons with Akismet is that it’s a paid plugin. But otherwise if you have the money to spend which isn’t really much, having Akismet is a good first line of defense.



The next best thing would be to use reCaptcha in your comments area.


Facebook Comments

The main idea of commenting is to generate a discussion but spam bots are trying to ruin that by dropping links, adverts and what not. The popularity of Facebook came to since most of the people that you would engage in is tied in with a name, a real person that you communicate with. This is what the trend of blog comments are becoming since it is easier to manage and have a lot less spam (it’s an effort to do so and it’s easy to eradicate)

Though not all markets have Facebook but this is applicable to most.

Last but not the least…


Use WordPress native Settings

This came from a series of research and discussion until it finally made sense. As we want people to feel free to leave us a message and engage on a discussion with our posts, the internet is evolving to be a really social environment and if you really want to leave a legitimate comment on a post that you feel your opinion should be heard, then you would want yourself to be known.

Turn on the settings that Only Registered Users can comment on your WordPress settings.

WordPress is a very powerful CMS in the industry today and most of us do love how easy it is to manage and design it. For marketers alike, I prefer to use WordPress over any other CMS out in the market.

Happy new year everyone!

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