Facebook’s Not Boostable may have caused MILLIONS in lost revenue

Funny thing and we just have to write about this. 3-4 days ago, we suddenly were not able to do Facebook Ads Boosting and why was that?

Normally we observed that Facebook was trying a new technique in filtering out ads on their platform probably wanting to improve user experience which have ended up maybe losing MILLIONS in AD Revenue.


Was it just us? whom were plagued with the idea that each boosted ad should now go through the Ad Manager which would add x10 the steps maybe to create a boosted ad.

We were not able to boost any of our ads without putting too much time on it ending in creating lesser to no ads on a given day.


We rounded up the team and tasked everyone to put on their A Game with ad creation so we will not miss anything but then we saw the BOOST button is back – WOW! Would you believe this?

So our conclusion, maybe it wasn’t just us who were bummed with the idea scheme and most likely if Boosted Ads say in Philippines alone, or in 1 country generates about Php 1,000,000.00 a day ($20,000.00 give or take) perhaps after 3 days they realized they were losing more money probably millions of dollars if this were laid out even in say 1 continent only.

Boohoo Facebook – you caused a lot of social managers a scare. Improve and do beta testings further before tweaking your ad platform, we understand you want to be treated as serious as GOOGLE Adwords but hey – you have your own niche and this does not take just a day to implement.

Unlike your usual FACEBOOK improvements / adjustments – people gets pissed off a while but they still come back. For ads, if it was taking companies a day or 2 to adjust, imagine personal managers who just wants to spend on their own Pages and promote their small businesses.

Revenue stops and it will take awhile and may never be the same if you do the wrong choice of implementation.

Glad the Boost is back for now though 😉