Is your Facebook Page Broken?

Just writing a bit here and it is quite not so often that I find Facebook broken. If you don’t know yet or just starting to realize, Facebook is recently rolling out a new design to its Facebook Pages.

Here is the old design

FB Old Layout

And this is the new one


I am not sure how to compare the 2 but I think what the new design aims to offer

  • A bigger hero banner with the cover photo
  • Faster way to see your current stats (placed it right in the center)
  • If you want to read more of the page – you look to the right than to the left.

I am not sure if this is a permanent change or I was just subjected to an A/B test because we manage other accounts that doesn’t seem to get affected.

And if you are really, really, really lucky your page can appear like this


Come on – really? Well and what’s worse is that sometimes you end up with a broken page where you can’t see the timeline and be able to do anything to your page.

Comlabs Interactive

Quite the lucky one huh?! At any rate – if you encounter the same, just take a screenshot and report it as an error. How to do that, just click on the DOWNWARD arrow at the upper right corner of your Facebook account, scroll down and select “Report a Problem”

We did that and still is waiting for a response. We’ll let you guys know what happens once we get something.