Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

So here you are creating a start up and assessing what form of marketing you can do for your new business and as you open your computer to check on what’s going on with the world, you see ads of other businesses probably similar to the niche business you are starting, what can you do?

It’s by default that nowadays, no business should be deprived of what the internet can do for it and here are some quick tips that we would like to share to easily get you started.

  1. Plan
    Seems to be very basic but very applicable nonetheless. Know how you want your business to be perceived and how to enact once your marketing has started. Create a calendar and list of to dos to get you on your way.As the saying goes – if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. It is the same when you venture into digital marketing.
  2. Profile Consumers
    Create a consumer profile – likes, interests, age groups, parallel analogy of your target market.It would be important to understand the type of market you serve. This is actually still part of planning but it would be good to put an emphasis on how important this is on your next efforts.
  3. Select a Platform
    At this point we would recommend that by default, every business should have it’s own Facebook Page. Now it is different per type of business where you want to start with and Facebook is just the place to begin.Here is a quick 2-step procedure to create your Facebook Page.

    Create a Facebook Page
    Then choose the type of page you want to create.Select type of page for Facebook

  4. Start Facebook Marketing
    This is the easiest, cheapest, yet effective way to get the word out there of your existence and here are some of the reasons why:Facebook’s Boost Ads lets you target people with interests to match your market. If you are a restaurant and is venturing to something Chinese, make sure you put in all the interests applicable in the type of food, or their taste in fashion, their age group, or their gender. Remember consumer profiling earlier? This is where the interests are used, to specific target people who will see your ad.Facebook also has a feature where you can have your page advertised/shown to people within radius of your business. Oh how convenient isn’t it? This is perfect for local advertising, for your pastry shop or dimsum place.Facebook let’s you reach people for a fraction of the cost, and it boils down to the effectiveness of your ad as to how it would appeal to your market.Let’s take a look at this sample post which we did for a local Chinese restaurant here in the Philippines.Facebook Boosted PostIf you would see from the above example, this specific Facebook post has already garnered 1000+ likes and reaching approximately 10,000 people that is within a specific type of audience within 3 miles from the restaurant. Would you believe if we told you that the cost of ad is less than Php 500? You better believe it!Well Facebook Sponsored Ads differ from country to country, demographic to demographic which would also depend on the amount of business Facebook is getting on that particular perspective. In a rule of economics, if the demand is high, prices tend to give up as well.

I would like to end this post saying this, businesses of all sizes should start embracing digital marketing as it even outs the playing fields being cost efficient that reaches real people within your targeted demographics. With a little effort, some light reading and focus, the results can be greatly beneficial for your business.