Digital Brand Marketing Solutions

COMLABS main focus is Digital Brand Marketing Solutions, and this involves not just the campaigns we do like Social Media, Search Optimization and Pay-per-click Advertising but also Web Development where usually it all begins.

We were already in the industry on the start of the era and have seen how websites evolved. From the rise of Facebook, the down fall of Multiply and such. When smart phones were then a small market and now almost everyone has at least 1 smart phone.

Now your ideas can now be done, and these ideas can also be used to develop your brand.

Let’s say I run a Fitness and Wellness website. It could be a fitness blog where people read about workouts/diets, fitness routines. Quite simple right, but what if you throw in a CALORIE counter widget there where people can choose foods and know the calories it will have. Usable right? This is where Development meets Marketing where what we want is for visitors and customers to engage, get involved, in turn creates more visitors which you can then turn to customers.

Then I sell an eBook about 100 recipes that you can easily prepare for your diet meals, then this in turn becomes a full circle process for my website which now has a business model. But all the things I created, marketed, and developed all builds MY BRAND and how I want people to perceive it.

Then comes analytics, then A/B testing, then conversion optimization (CRO), business / product development, landing pages and so on. But all these things are of another story and deserves a post of its own.

We want to help you start and ensure you do your business right, we want your websites to be mobile friendly and responsive, we want to help you succeed in your business. This is why COMLABS is into Digital Brand Marketing Solutions, we can come in at any phase of your business and help it grow.