What makes most searches today?

Google always tries to understand its costumers, the searchers, and based on what they say they do aside from millions and millions of dollars a day, they want to improve search.

What makes most searches today is a very good question to understand how we will be optimizing our websites for.



This is very true. 5 years ago, it was the tech savvy who were doing most of the searches, now it’s your everyday mom that wants to know what is going on. May it be a DIY or something else, it has proven time and time again that this is the best way to search to get the information you need to get things done.

I am guilty myself using “Mac Pro doesn’t start up troubleshoot” as my mac pro, my best friend and partner is going through a rough patch…

But hey I found what I needed and did the basic troubleshooting to my capabilities. Interesting yes. If you agree then you have agreed to the basic principle of the Hummingbird update. Creating usable content for users and matching long tail searches such as these in the SERPs.

Not saying its the only guideline, but it is basically what it says it did.

Happy Monday folks, and happy reading. Back to the Grind!

Google vs The Organic – Not Provided

Another topic worth talking about and getting the word out is this Not Provided referral source that Google will be slapping our faces in their Google Analytics.

Rand Fishkin of Moz.com has a good video on how us marketers can workaround the situation and just keep moving forward. Check out his link below:




Even Rand Fishkin agrees that this is a power move, Google doing what it wants to do, whatever how it may look on them. Less organic means more PPC and why not right? Now is the best time for Google to start capitalizing further their advantage in the market. In this young industry I have experience my fare share of ups and downs when creating proposals for businesses to pursue with their marketing online. And with the time most businesses are skeptic in spending for their online presence. But the times nowadays are changing, people and businesses alike are starting to see the potential of the online community (cyberspace) and they want to take that advantage right away.

And for people who wants results right away are beginning to spend for what they want. And these are rankings, spending a lot with Google, getting that top exposure. Being an SEO this is part of the business we propose but also would offer a more long term solution that would eventually build a company’s brand better, that is Organic Search Marketing.

I would really suggest that you watch Rand’s take on the matter to get a grasp of what you or your business can do to cope up.

In terms of organic search marketing, I would recommend to focus on content usability that would relate to your product or brand and you will always be in the right track. Keywords will always be keywords but results nowadays are more correlated than ever before hence creating that correlated usable content that people will share and discuss and thank you for will get you to the track where you want to be.

Google vs The Organic

It’s just interesting for me to review how Google is one by one trying to cut down the different and legitimate ways to organic search marketing. As if creating an algorithm in the first place was a mistake and now, they are trying to defunct it’s factors one by one with little or less than usual targeting which makes them very unpredictable, reasonable as they can say.

But the fact is, everyone knows that they are trying to kill something that they created in the first place – SEARCH. Ever since search has been quantifiable to money, it created an industry which was good at the time but now has blown into proportions that they cannot control.

These are my own observations and theories and for which dictates the directionality on how we need to move forward. Google is a giant, it can dictate and us small pieces of the puzzle would simply follow.

Google disguises these little steps in the form of the so called Panda, or Penguin.. But these steps pushes businesses farther and farther down the road to which at a certain point would be pointless to even consider.

To someone who has not started in the industry may not understand the things I am pertaining to which is alright since at any point in time, these are just conspiracy theories that the Ronin has.

I am The Ronin, and I have no master! I am learned in the arts of online marketing and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, and this is my first post! Watch out for new and more informative, non-sense, inspirational, and some fictional that we will be publishing.

Always remember, life is not a destination, it’s a journey!