The importance of Value Proposition

Make yourself feel valued

Generally speaking we live in a world where people prefer to take / get things for FREE. Yes, ever since the internet came out it is all about getting free stuff from people / companies here and about.

Imagine how does a typical mindset changes from getting Free to becoming a paid customer?

The quick answer here is VALUE PROPOSITION. But what does this mean and how does it apply to me and you.

As a company we want to reach through our target markets in different stages.

The awareness stage

When we are starting up (which does not end if you ask me), then the all famous build-up stage where we continuously build our brand from within, and then specific campaign stages where we target more specific markets with conversion in mind through different marketing campaigns.

VALUE can be distributed in all these stages but we do not want our VALUE to be taken for granted.

Once we have established ourselves really well, we can do 1 of 2 things then, continue what the Free stuff going around or halt it altogether.

Continuing with something Free helps you continue to reach people you want to reach and establish a connection.

Once these people get something really valuable, they will surely remember you.

Gaining Consumer Trust

Questions begets answers and it is a very effective strategy to understand what your target market usually is asking and if you can provide that answer then a virtual conversation begins to be simulated.

Think of it as if you are creating an FAQ section in your website / business / company, make it more broad than specific, and then follow through with thought leadership so to be able to funnel in you readers.

Being able to receive something valuable and not having to overdo it is what differentiates from quality marketing with conversions and over-marketing.

Whenever I get something for Free for example, and then a day later I get an email advert, it would seem to me that this is the payment I give for the Free stuff I got.

Hence Market Segmentation comes to play here after which is a whole different topic altogether.


After a good valuation, it would always be a good idea to implement a plan even before starting to give away Free stuff. It’s common for Agency people to ask – “what’s the next step?”

And this my friend is something to ask yourself when you plan something with your target markets – “What is the next step for them?”

It could be a quick turn around with your offers or something more elaborate. I would say different markets reacts to different funneling techniques hence understanding your target market is the first step.

“All you want is to get leads” and this is what most companies do. Getting the necessary information to understand which product or solution would suit the lead best.

From Hubspot – they always have the question: “what is your biggest marketing challenge”, if you answer this and they qualify you, what you then get is a phone call that would offer their services for your challenge. Sometimes you even get Free Consultation from companies that believe in what they offer.

Laying down a path to your goal or objective is very important in planning your marketing campaigns.

Closing the deal

Direct Selling

This is the most straight forward approach to converting your readers / visitors / leads to sales. Sell to them directly.

So most of your leads came in and downloaded your eBook on the importance of quality Sleep. They would probably be interested in a unique pillow that helps them sleep better, or maybe a new gadget to monitor their sleep patterns.

The case of the FREE Trial

Most software subscription models of today has this model in play. You have put in so much effort to your product that you are quite confident that if they TRY, then they will PAY eventually. 7-day, 10 days or sometimes a whole month with money guarantees.

You understand exactly the value you give out and is confident that it will surely solve a problem for your consumers.

Free Consultation with Service Offer

Normally for huge service oriented business models, closing in it with a Free 1-2 hours consultation will surely sweeten the deal and ensure that your customers are taken care of. I remember a time when I was tasked to choose a PR / Wire Service software and a company with premium pricing had 2 hours of copy writing dedicated to us, I went with that getting insured that by getting their service our company would benefit from their expert copy writing services plus the copy writing we did on our own.

Value added if we might say.

In Conclusion

As people would prefer to get things for Free, the more serious ones would prefer to Pay something more of with the Value they are getting. It is important that we look at our own business models and target the right markets and plan how to be able to engage them properly so we are able to get the conversions we target.



5 Search Engine Friendly Practices that all websites should adhere to

Responsive Design

In todays web standards and the growing use of mobile devices, being responsive is not just something good-to-have but a necessity that all websites should implement.

People tend to use their mobile whenever, and guess what would be the first thing they would do if they are trying to look for something – THEY SEARCH.

When they land to your website and they can’t seem to see your content because it’s too small, they would leave.

Besides, Google now gives more credit to websites that are responsive that those who aren’t. Maybe if you don’t have a responsive site – Google will not even consider showing you as a result from a “mobile” searcher.

SEO Friendly URLs

Once you have your website, make sure that your URLs are search friendly, not only to robots but to your readers as well. It’s like your un-official headline – a summary of what the page is, and guess what, it targets your keywords as well.

yourwebsite.com/how-to-create-a website/ is always better than yourwebsite.com/?p=32453

Content and more content

If you are serious about search optimization and getting people to your website to convert one way or the other. You have to find a way to get more content flowing to your site regularly.

Aim for things that would interest your target market, industry, demographics. Create a rapport that would push your brand up with the right markets so for when you plan for your conversions, you have already earned enough cred for people to trust you.

Fast Loading

Years ago, I read that this wasn’t being considered by Search Engines but a lot of professionals have already been monitoring how long their website loads and if this affects rankings. Guess what happened? Google then released that they are now considering this or at least adds a few points to your site if it does.

But site speed is subjective in my opinion. If you are located in a country that all through out has great internet speeds, then this probably wouldn’t matter or if it does, then most likely be just a pinch of influence.

But if you’re target geographic targets have relatively slow internet speeds, then this becomes more and more valuable. Google wants to understand user behavior and give its users what they are looking for.

So if your website loads slow, then guess what would your visitors do when they try and view your content? THEY LEAVE! Because they can’t seem to see anything within the first 4-5 seconds.

Having a visitor leave your website is one thing, but another would be the FLAG that Google will have on your site. They went in a left right away means you are not a reliable search result hence sooner or later come 300 instances of this (just an example) Your Rank then sinks down bit by bit by those websites that loads and keeps their visitors for longer times.

Site Speed Auditing and optimization requires little technical knowledge but you would need to work with your developers to minimize as much as they can, from images, so client side source codes (javascript), etc.

Who wouldn’t want a fast loading website that gives you exactly what you searched for? No one, hence this is a goal that every website deployment should have.

Audience Centric

Last and most important, BUILD AND THEY WILL COME!

Yes, with the ever growing online markets today, creating something of value for your target audience will surely go miles for your company. Start by creating a flow how you want your visitors going through your website, put effort in trying to funnel them to your conversion pages that would close the deal.

Create different strategies from your landing pages for your visitors to get most from you and get them to return the favor eventually.

Creating something that connects with your target market will increase the chances of engagements which in turn builds your brand, starts influence, and will soon funnel money back.


ID Weekend: The Importance of Online Trust


Just wanted to touch base on a few things today and first and foremost, we salute our heroes here in the Philippines for giving their lives one way or the other to pave way on the freedom we now enjoy. Tomorrow June 12 is Philippine’s Independence Day.

In regards to our Facebook presence, http://www.facebook.com/comlabsinteractive – we are still not able to access our Admin Page – it showing the new layout design but us not able to see our timeline and post directly using the browser  – we can however access it via the Facebook Page App which is still a viable option for us to keep maintaining our community. We sent a message to Facebook June 9 and it’s June 11 today and still no correspondence.

So if you have a better experience than ours please email it to us and will add this to our FB Error post.

What I want to write about today is all about TRUST. Trust is but an important thing and we as individuals/human beings are wired to be able to do 2 things – To Trust, or Not to Trust. Quite true with personal experiences. If you have been deceived, tricked or intentionally confused by someone you know, or look up to, the TRUST diminishes if not disappear totally.

Same with relationships, like the quote from the movie White Chicks

” If we don’t have TRUST, we don’t have nothing! “

Now this is somewhat the same online, with your website and specially through your Social Channels (may it be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN). Note that having a social presence if not ready can make or break your brand. If you have an established name and suddenly conveys a bad message socially, your brand gets affected.

This is more important for new brands because you are just building your reputation, authority and attracting the right niche audience.

Here are some starting points that we want you to think of when starting your Social Presence

  • You get trust from people whom you just know
  • Most of people you attract does not know you hence you need to earn their trust

The main reason that I got urged to write about this is because of a specific company here in the Philippines, Spot.ph. And I am writing this mainly of concern with their brand and thus advising them to get their people do the right thing. I am fan and wants to continue to support fellow local presences like Spot.

I was browsing through my feed, while watching an episode from Netflix about Steak (Yes, Steak and am just setting myself up to a really hearty serving this weekend) and then saw this


Ok so you can just picture a person whose watching about Steak to see the headline “The real costs of eating a big, juicy steak will shock you”, what does that person do? He immediately clicks on it to see. Why? Well I was in the part of documentary where there were 15 year old cows producing marbled beef, imagine how much does that cost right.

And where does this Ad took me, look at below


You can imagine what was going on in my mind here but the saddest part was I had the benefit of the doubt that the article is still what it said it is. I scrolled and briefly read through the whole page looking forward to getting the information I thought it offered. Unfortunately, no mention of COST whatsoever or anything about steak, and it was about Eating Habits to Save the Planet.

To Spot.ph’s credit, the article was well written and that their “Sponsored Ad” has 2 headlines technically, one in the context published on Facebook – “Here’s something to think about when choosing your next meal” which is neutral and somewhat applicable to the article.

Here are some takeaways from this

  • Trust is important and may this be an honest mistake or not, the damage can be i-repairable to some and we don’t want that. We want to gain relevant traffic, and not negative ones.
  • Click baits can be viewed or done in a positive way. Deception is a definite NO NO. But imagine getting more than you clicked for? If I was able to get the cost information from the article and had these other awesome tips to come with it, I would find it really helpful that wants to get a message across.
  • Value your audience, earn their trust and continue to let them feel valued.

On a Marketing perspective

  • Headlines do matter, which begs us to put in more time  and effort thinking of creative headlines.
  • The Article headline thus give more emphasis than the description headline
  • Remarketing does work with Facebook and its important to integrate that in your ad strategies (Google and Social alike)
  • Facebook may have been doing some recon since this is a June 6 post and I just saw it today because I was watching about Steak (hmmmm, interesting and deserves a post of itself)

It’s hard enough to get someone to click or read what you have written, but cutting corners will not solve the problem and would just start new ones. It is in the value we put in for our customers which separates us from the rest.

Happy Independence Weekend everyone!