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What WhatsApp, Facebook Acquisition Taught Me

This was news, really big news. It doesn’t affect me in any way but it does give the people behind the brands the spotlight which then imparts really good sense for people like me. As a Ronin in the SEO/SEM industry it is likely that I base my tactics on intuition of the things I […]

Search Engine Optimization Explained

A lot of people are saying that SEO is dead, or at least its a dying industry, and all I can say is that SEO – It’s EVOLVING! Gone are the days of one dimensional search optimization, it the white hat world of search engine marketing, SEO is definitely just evolving to a more sensitive, […]

Creating an Effective Email Campaign for Retail

If you are running an online store, you should then realize that Emails aren’t dead. It is not growing as other media are but definitely still in the game in terms of getting visitors, and converting sales. This article is mainly focused in the retail perspective as I have been studying different newsletters from online […]

Selling your Brand – Prospecting

Branding is important, and how you build yourself and your brand is something that you put your back into when you sell. And once you know that you have something really good, you sell it to your bones! Watch Jordan Belfort teaching us about prospecting which is something we would integrate in our game may […]

Guidelines to Jumpstart your Career in Blogging

Blogging is definitely something that we brand marketers should have a good understanding of. Creating usable content that would benefit your brand is a key ingredient in a continuous flow of good organic traffic. I am done a few research and compiled those I think that made most sense and here they are below: Typical […]

2013 Year in Review for Digital Marketing

As I look back in the past year on how I have observed and implemented digital marketing. There are just a few points that really stand out that I think are worth mentioning. Branding is Key This is the first and foremost important trend that I have seen and implemented which has really made huge […]

Getting Rid of WordPress SPAM Comments

One of the most common things that well crawled WordPress sites have are tons and tons of SPAM comments to a point that you won’t be able to identify which ones are legitimate and which ones aren’t or it’s too troublesome to identify the legit ones over the hundreds of spams. I know there have […]

Milestone Alert! – Rank 1-2 Google.com.au

Part of the things that we will be publishing would be milestone alerts or in other words verification! In the industry of internet marketing, it’s very easy to say that this method works and these are the things that you need to do and these are not. I have been working a brand for a […]

Google vs The Organic – Not Provided

Another topic worth talking about and getting the word out is this Not Provided referral source that Google will be slapping our faces in their Google Analytics. Rand Fishkin of Moz.com has a good video on how us marketers can workaround the situation and just keep moving forward. Check out his link below: http://moz.com/blog/100-percent-keyword-not-provided-whiteboard-tuesday   […]