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Is your Facebook Page Broken?

Just writing a bit here and it is quite not so often that I find Facebook broken. If you don’t know yet or just starting to realize, Facebook is recently rolling out a new design to its Facebook Pages. Here is the old design And this is the new one I am not sure how […]

Getting Rid of Visual Deals in your Browsing

This is a really good hack if you ask me. Nobody sees it coming, then you just find yourself in a pickle seeing all these visual deals in front of you. Thank you to http://www.coolcatteacher.com/videos/get-rid-visual-deals-popup-comes-pinterest/ for the straight forward article how to take it off. And it’s simple. Get rid of the Pinterest Extension you have on […]

What makes most searches today?

Google always tries to understand its costumers, the searchers, and based on what they say they do aside from millions and millions of dollars a day, they want to improve search. What makes most searches today is a very good question to understand how we will be optimizing our websites for.   This is very […]