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The importance of Value Proposition

Make yourself feel valued Generally speaking we live in a world where people prefer to take / get things for FREE. Yes, ever since the internet came out it is all about getting free stuff from people / companies here and about. Imagine how does a typical mindset changes from getting Free to becoming a […]


ID Weekend: The Importance of Online Trust

Just wanted to touch base on a few things today and first and foremost, we salute our heroes here in the Philippines for giving their lives one way or the other to pave way on the freedom we now enjoy. Tomorrow June 12 is Philippine’s Independence Day. In regards to our Facebook presence, http://www.facebook.com/comlabsinteractive – […]

Is your Facebook Page Broken?

Just writing a bit here and it is quite not so often that I find Facebook broken. If you don’t know yet or just starting to realize, Facebook is recently rolling out a new design to its Facebook Pages. Here is the old design And this is the new one I am not sure how […]


Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

So here you are creating a start up and assessing what form of marketing you can do for your new business and as you open your computer to check on what’s going on with the world, you see ads of other businesses probably similar to the niche business you are starting, what can you do? […]

Getting Rid of Visual Deals in your Browsing

This is a really good hack if you ask me. Nobody sees it coming, then you just find yourself in a pickle seeing all these visual deals in front of you. Thank you to http://www.coolcatteacher.com/videos/get-rid-visual-deals-popup-comes-pinterest/ for the straight forward article how to take it off. And it’s simple. Get rid of the Pinterest Extension you have on […]

What makes most searches today?

Google always tries to understand its costumers, the searchers, and based on what they say they do aside from millions and millions of dollars a day, they want to improve search. What makes most searches today is a very good question to understand how we will be optimizing our websites for.   This is very […]