2013 Year in Review for Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing 2013

As I look back in the past year on how I have observed and implemented digital marketing. There are just a few points that really stand out that I think are worth mentioning.

Branding is Key

This is the first and foremost important trend that I have seen and implemented which has really made huge returns in both rankings and website effectiveness in the last year.

People are more and more inclined to brands which is most common in our non-digital industry. As digital progresses, branding is definitely something to look out for.

On how you would brand yourselves, that’s the question of the ages and for sure in this line of industry we can definitely build on something that would benefit your business long term. Branding is multifaceted and perhaps all the next topics are correlated with branding as a means of building digital mark.

Useable Content

Content as we term it as King in the past years still is. But right now, it is more on creating useable content that your readers will benefit from. Create something that someone will read and be thankful, throw in some keywords and then distribute to your niche channel and see the results!

What you do and how you do it is something that you need your thinking caps on. But with the latest Google Updates Hummingbird and so on, more and more of the SERPs are relating to what the users are trying to search for than with keywords that they are typing.

Useable Content is the new King!

Social Relevance

Social has moved mountains this 2013 and I foresee a continuous growth in the power of social for businesses may it be B2C or B2B.

Branding is all about sending the right message out there, being talked about the right way and social is one of the keys to a successful branding campaign. I do see the growth of Facebook PPC, and paid posts in the coming year.

Social networks have continued to grow and it’s segmentation just signifies how people are adjusting and coping with what’s available to a point on which one would suit them better. We have seen Vine, Instagram, Twitter, and even sites like Etsy put a mark in the social realm.

The Boom of APPS!

Well mobile apps has been in the industry in the last 3 years or so but 2013 shows a good trend that APPS are here and they are here to stay.

Apps go from your social game to industry specification mobile applications that can be useful. All websites are trending to have their own app in its own way. More so, websites have evolved to become responsive in design so to appeal to the mobile market.

Mobile will continue to grow and Apps should always be in the equation in setting up an effective branding campaign.

Web UI/UX and Engagement

The evolution of the web simply gives more emphasis on how important a website is to its customer. More and more people are starting to use the net and more and more websites are popping up.

Does your website give off the right vibe, and convert as you intend it to be? This is a known fact that big brands have been working on from years on then but 2013 just gives more boost on how important a visitor and how can you ensure its conversion.

That sums up my look back for 2013, I simply see each avenue continue to grow and increase its relevance in every market out there. Online Branding is definitely something to look into more deeper and how we can use what is available and what is more accepted in order to give our brand that right boost in the digital realm. Looking forward to huge leaps in digital marketing this 2014!

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